Visual Branding

At GTR, Inc., all that glitters is not gold. Sometimes it’s platinum…

Or plastic even! Or it reminds you of that time in autumn when the air is cool and the falling leaves rustle in the wind. Or it’s simply the ease in which you access your information.

Visual brand development is part of the entire brand experience that creates an emotional connection with, and causes your clients to associate your brand with very specific things.

The basic idea is to create a durable memory in the mind of the consumer but the approach to and achievement of this is anything but simple. We sincerely hope to avoid sounding esoteric, but nice graphics alone don’t mean brand recognition or cohesion. It takes years of understanding, training, and practice to master the art of targeted, objective visual design versus the subjective, non-specific cool factor that invariably misses the point.

We merge our knowledge of advertising and marketing with creative expertise to increase visibility, drive successful marketing strategies, and deliver on objectives.

Contact us for an initial brand analysis and planning assessment to determine your visual brand accountability. Are you achieving results with your image? Is your brand effectively present in all aspects of your business and communication? We will arrange an initial phone conference with you to discuss your needs and options to optimize your visual brand effectiveness and brand presence.

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