Strategic Brand Development

Strategic brand development at GTR covers the complete development and management of your brand, including Marketing, Advertising, Corporate Communications, and Public Relations.

Our client relationships are interactive and dynamic to meet with the constantly changing demand of business and the economy, so you’re never left with yesterday’s solution for tomorrow’s bigger need.

A complete presentation following Request For Proposal (RFP) protocol is provided for each client upon completion of brand analysis to formally provide a list of services necessary for our agreed scope of service, project management schedules, delivery dates and pricing.

Services include but are not limited to the following:*

  • Complete Brand Analysis and Needs Assessment for Scope Determination
    We’ll work with you over two sessions to review and complete your unique brand analysis. This will give us the baseline of information about you, your company and your products and services to develop a plan of action in relationship to your targeted goals.
  • Initial Proposal Presentation to Establish Required Planning and Execution Strategies
    This is your Scope Document and short-term proposal for services to be provided along with your Long-Term Strategic Plan (LTSP). Keeping in mind that goals and requirements will change, the LTSP  is provided with the understanding that additional followups with future analyses will be required in order to accurately assess what components of the LTSP will stay, be modified, or go completely as they are applied to Marketing and Advertising Strategy planning and execution. The Long-Term Strategic Plan is a living document that should be reviewed at regular intervals which coincide with predetermined benchmarks for set financial goals.
  • Marketing Strategy
    We study your product/service versus market, based on sales requirements, business plan and market structure to plan and execute the necessary steps to build, manage, and maintain a working marketing strategy that will bring all components of your sales directives, promotional strategies and brand equity in line with your financial outlook.
  • Advertising Strategy
    We develop and manage the following:
    • market studies to determine drivers for product/service buy-in and motivation factors
    • Increase market awareness through promotions and events
    • Develop and implement tools for market sales
    • Develop and implement visual campaigns for regularly scheduled promotions and audience capture
    • Maintain market presence with brand engagement opportunities

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 *This is an overview only. A complete list of identified requirements and proposed solutions is provided after complete market analysis and a contractual confirmation of engagement is in place between GTR Incorporated and Client.