International Egg Art Guild Gets a Mobile-Friendly Update and More!

About three years ago, we began working with the International Egg Art Guild (IEAG) to help bring their existing website into the world of CMS using WordPress. Over a period of time, years of content and achievements were added to the new site, tons of useful information was uploaded, and the new site served its purpose until once again, new features, security updates, and a few requirements from Google moved us to update the site again.

In order to keep providing the existing members of the IEAG and people interested in joining the guild a quality site, we started making updates and technical improvements to the site this summer and went live on Monday, December 14th, 2015! Moving into the new version, we decided that WooCommerce was the best option of all for online product and membership sales which has proven to be the most streamlined, easy to use e-commerce selling platform yet. The site theme is mobile friendly, meeting Google search requirements, and has proven to be a robust layout that should work for as long as possible until the next technological breakthrough nudges us to a new step up in website evolution! Keep an eye on the site for ongoing changes and information updates to come throughout 2016.

Learn more about the IEAG here.