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As a new client, Sally Falb originally came to GTR Inc. looking for quick advice regarding her newly published website, and with just a brief understanding of what we do, simply asked for a few changes and suggestions, including fonts and colors, with the idea that it would be the answer to her company’s proverbial foot-in-the-door scenario. Little did she know she’d be wrestled to the ground, tagged and sent off to boot camp! Okay, that last part we’re just kidding about, but we certainly had a lot to discuss. Courage To Grow Coaching is a clear case study of client brand development from the ground floor up.

There were times when I felt a bit overwhelmed with the whole process, yet each time I was in contact with GTR, I was able to feel a sigh of relief. They knew what they were doing and I felt like I was their only mission. My questions were always thoroughly answered, deadlines were always met and results exceeded my expectations. I am so thrilled with the product that we developed together and I discovered a new level of collaboration.

– Sally Falb, CPC ELI-MP,
Courage To Grow Coaching

As is the case with any client, we have a job as a consultant and advisor to ask questions, get to know our new partner, and open a very direct line of communication so that nobody is ever sold short on what their business is truly worth. For so many businesses, the lack of informed perspective and proper preparations are what cause not only Failure-To-Launch syndrome, but also a distinctive failure to maintain confidence and the ability to pursue success—not the case with Courage To Grow Coaching. As an inspired, iPEC-certified professional life coach, Sally’s goal was clear: Get clients! The potential was all there, desire set at full-steam ahead, but the infrastructure and a well-mapped path from Point A to Point B were missing. And that is where we stepped in.

Discovery and Development 

At GTR Incorporated, we make it our duty to inform, educate, and embrace our customers’ needs as if they were our own. So, for Sally, her needs started at the ground floor. Who is Sally Falb and what is Courage To Grow Coaching? After several phone conversations and some heartfelt discussions about defining needs, we went exploring together to make that determination. Performing an initial assessment and reviewing a long series of questions about her company, we began the development process to create and actually implement the brand presence that is Courage To Grow Coaching today. As we worked together, using a guided approach, Sally discovered a lot more about the positive potential of her company than she had initially projected, but more importantly, we were able to assist her to actually reach that potential by coaching her through the process of her own brand discovery.

After determining the right direction for the Courage To Grow brand, and of course, a lot of solid, thought-provoking work – no tears, thank you! – we went to work on a visual and brand messaging development plan and then channeled that into a web development project that Sally could not only be proud of, but also created a living, working infrastructure for her to continue her work as necessary, whenever and however much she likes. And, as part of our business relationship, Sally will always be able to count on us to provide input on trends, adaptability, and end-result statistics, rather than setting her out to sea on an ice float while shouting, “Good luck!”

Your Success Is Our Success

We’ll be working together on a continuing basis to see Courage To Grow Coaching succeed as we add features, extend the Courage To Grow brand and continue coaching Sally as her company grows and evolves. That is the kind of work we love! We’ll be with Sally for the long haul and see to it that the Courage To Grow Coaching brand is a successful, thriving, joyful experience!

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