Bubbles British Cafe and BBC Pasty Heaven – Brand Development and Management

We’ve been supporting Bubbles British Cafe and BBC Pasty Heaven in brand development and management for a number of years in a variety of ways, from creating the original BBC brand to arranging lucrative club sales and future sales and distribution channels for continuing expansion. Unfortunately, although not down for the count, BBC had to indefinitely close shop. Although we never like to see a great client have to take a great pause, we’ll be keeping the lights on in the meantime and look forward to welcoming them home.

Bubbles British Cafe originally started out making traditional English pies along with sausage rolls, scotch eggs and a variety of wellingtons, but as time went on, the real interest and best ROI came from the production of the English pasty with a variety of fillings, not simply sticking with traditional ingredients. This gallery is a small sample of some of the transitions of the Bubbles British Cafe brand.