Bigger than box designs…more than just business cards

Are you wondering what is so important about your brand? Why is it that in business, the popular buzzword is “brand“, but unless you deal in branding on a daily basis – which, to be quite honest, you should – you just don’t really understand why it’s all so important? You paid someone to design your logo, right? Or maybe, just maybe, because you happened to be so artistically inclined, you went ahead and designed it yourself. You’ve got software, you’ve got talent, you know how to cut and paste and choose fonts, and voilà! You’ve got logo! Right? Wrong. Dead wrong.

Okay, so maybe that’s an oversimplification, but the truth is, too many business owners oversimplify the process of branding itself. On a strictly academic level, increased sales, driven by effective marketing should be the end-goal of any business owner, but in the daily process of running a business, what percentage of your daily energy output is truly devoted to managing your brand? Not sure what brand management is really all about either? Is your brand driven by sales forecast numbers alone?  Probably not. The real answer and realistic solution to those questions is a mixture of art and science. It also depends on what you’re selling and most definitely, how you’re selling it.

As an individual business owner, you may be running your business day-to-day, flying by the seat of your pants because right now, the only thing that matters is being able to pay the bills and keep people interested in your products or services. With the most recent global economic events in mind, this is everyone’s greatest concern. And of course, the most logical question to follow is, “How long can I keep this going?”

Stop Running In Circles

GTR Incorporated excels at detail management, handling all of the background work and dynamic interactions that make a brand strategy succeed. We’re the rescue team, the landing pad, the safe haven for you to rest your concerns about managing your marketing and ultimately, your brand presence. With so many other businesses in the competitive marketplace, you’re no longer living in the world of basic necessities and supply versus demand. Now you have to think even faster, smarter, and in more innovative ways than ever before.

Still trying to do it all? The first thing we have to establish is this: We are the experts. You didn’t get into business because you studied marketing and advertising in school, or because you spent 20 years as the CEO of marketing and sales for a multi-national billion-dollar corporation. Or did you? (If you did, let’s talk.) We DO acknowledge that without you, without your ideas, hard work and dedication, your business wouldn’t exist, but with our years of experience in multiple disciplines of marketing, advertising, communications and sales, we’ve got what you need to stay ahead of the competition and drive those daily reminders to your clients about just who you are and why they love you so much.

Burning The Old Sandwich Board

Taking into consideration the ever-changing market landscape, ye olde build-it-and-they-will-come sandwich board days are over. We partner with you in living, breathing, eating and sleeping what you do and how your product or service is perceived, distributed, sold and consumed. We’ll work with you in establishing a predictive sales model based on a detailed study of your current business model and sales strategy, and provide a solid working plan for making changes to your system where change is warranted in order to deliver and execute a brand strategy to exceed your expectations.

Making The Delivery

We don’t merely create exceptional brand identities, we integrate every aspect of your business model, sales strategy and marketing plan and turn that into a useful, executable, planned strategy, and then we see it through. The ability to adapt to the changing needs of the business consumer and the continuously changing market with durable results is the end goal and we walk with you, every step of the way to make sure that happens. We take ownership in our work to ensure the success of your brand. Our philosophy? Your success is our success.

We create a brand identities that become lifestyle compliments. In doing so, our clients’ products and services become an integral part of the consumer language, life and ultimate brand experience.

If that sounds like your goal and you’d like more information, start here and let’s get acquainted…