An Introduction

GTR Incorporated is a Strategic Brand Development, Management, and Consulting Company…

So what does that mean?

We’re here to act as your virtual Chief Branding Officer by developing, managing and executing your marketing, advertising and PR, and customer service plans and programs. That translates into the growth of your brand equity, one of the most valuable assets you have. We’ve taken unknown products, services, and people, channeled the positive and attractive qualities of their products, services, and personal brands into memorable brand presences, increased their sales, and elevated their brand recognition and response levels in each of their respective markets.

So you’re still wondering what all this branding stuff is and how it affects you?

You’ve got a great product, right? A fantastic service? A terrific personality?


So do a few million other people.


Let’s start by discussing what branding really is. More often than not, when mentioning brand development, brand management, or just the word brand, we get asked, “So, what is it that you actually do?” and for a long time, for us, the answer just wasn’t that simple. It still isn’t. That’s because branding itself isn’t that simple. It’s not a 3-point bulleted list answer. It’s also not the classic Miss America Pageant finalist’s answer for creating world peace.

Branding is many things in various combinations to create value in the mind of the consumer, awareness and loyalty of the consumer to you and your products and services, and most importantly, differentiating yourself, your products, or your services in the mind of the consumer. Branding is so many things in fact,  it’ll make your head explode. And that’s where we come in, to keep that from happening of course!

What will we do for  you?

We take on the responsibility for overseeing the planning and execution of your marketing, advertising, design, PR—all under the heading of brand messaging. It’s our job to develop and maintain your POSITIVE BRAND EQUITY in the market. This means that your business is our business, and if you don’t succeed, neither do we! We’re in it for the long haul and want to see your company grow into the success you’ve envisioned, so let us help you make your sweet dream a reality, not a nightmare!

From years of experience in a multitude of B2B and B2C environments, we’ve learned that no single service that we could offer would amount to a complete brand and that while certain processes and formulas we use to clear the path to brand recognition and growth have their time and place, to be effective, they require a large amount of tailoring. We approach each brand with a broad-spectrum analysis to then pinpoint and determine your needs and develop a unique plan for every brand, every time.  We’re in the business of streamlining the big picture into a seamless brand creation with momentum that gets the appropriate attention required to nourish a thriving business, so you spend more time focusing on business operations and less time on day-to-day brand management.

For a list of individual service offerings, see our Services section, unless you’re ready to get started, or continue reading about the GTR, Inc. complete branding experience